Sunday, June 07, 2015

Happy doughnut day and birthdays galore!

 Oh my the end of the school year is rushing to a close and we are celebrating well.  Mom and I started the weekend off with a set of doughnuts from blue-star... turns out I don't love donuts as much as I love jellybeans, weird.  We also got to enjoy Owen's bike rally at school.

 Saturday Owen and Dad went to another fishing tournament.  Dad came in 5th and Owen caught two good sized bass of the Sandy river (and got a lot of swims in).  Mom and I went to Liam's birthday which was also water (Octonauts... my new favorites) themed and we had a great afternoon.

 and were super impressed byt his amazing 25 at once water balloon filler.

 Happy birthday buddy!  I loved having an afternoon getting wet, playing with my friends, we had a wonderful time.
 afterwards, we went to Esme's house, and got to play with her puppy a little bit and then got to watch Cinderella again!  It is really a great show, plus a nice cool way to spend a hot afternoon

 My doll Isabella and Played at twinsies today and we were very helpful getting breakfast all together.
 I had a rough time because I couldn't find my favorite shoes, but cooled down with a little bit of berry picking.  This afternoon we celebrated my ballet friend's Francesca's birthday and her brother as well!
 They celebrated at a berry farm on Sauvie Island where we got to run around in and pick a pint of strawberries to take home!

It was a great afternoon, full of sunshine and fun... and hay bales galore!

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