Sunday, June 14, 2015

Watermelon and summer break!

 So that was it!  I finished up 3rd grade with flying colors!  Mr. A was a great teacher, and I had a wonderful year overall.
 Riding off to my last day of school.
 To celebrate the summer and the school year my buddy X threw a brilliant boat float party that was awesome!  First we designed all sorts of cool boats.  My first try was cool looking but needed some more flotation.  My second was pretty perfect though.  Grace also had a false start but ended up with a really great floaty boat.
 as you can probably guess, the fun bubbles and boat float quickly devolved into a big ol water fight.

 We left there soaked and exhausted, a perfect way to kick off the summer.
 Grace had her last day of ballet with her teacher (there will be a sub in subsequent weeks) and got to go to the Barre, which is a pretty exciting step before her next level of ballet.
 You know it's summer when your Dad cuts a watermelon into quarters and send us outside to eat it in the sunshine.
 We actually did pretty well, I finished much more than Grace, but she is more of a steady all day sort of watermelon eater.

 We got an extra yummy one from Costco.

 It was a bit of a throw-back movie weekend.  Mom went to see a 10th anniversary of firefly with Robyn on Friday and we all got to go to see The Princess Bride with our pals on Saturday night!  It was awesome.  We were also pretty excited to have a sleep over.  I went over to Joaquin's house and Esme stayed with Grace and the folks.  
 They ate more watermelon, and in the morning had a great nature walk (after not really sleeping that much... sorry Val), but it sounded like they had the same sleep schedule as us... Asleep after 10pm and up at 5:30.
 Their nature walk consisted of walking around the neighborhood and sketching and "writing" notes on all of the plants.  They were pretty serious about this endeavor.

A lovely way to kick off the summer!  Can't wait for loads of fun weekends with friends and camps, berries, sunshine... the works.

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