Sunday, July 26, 2015


We are not sure but this may be Great Grandma Mary's first selfie !  It's her first with me... I am working on my selfie taking skills.
 We had a long drive up to Fresno and kicked it off wonderfully with a visit to Great-Grandma Mary.  
  Grace helped Great-Grandma put on her make-up and gave her a beautiful sparkly manicure.  

 We all played war with Great-Grandma
 She totally won and tolerated my smack talking during the game, and even gave some back.
 though overall she was a gracious and beautiful winner.
 I got better at the selfie with practice.   
 Mom and Grace got to enjoy a lunch out with Noah, Ava and Auntie Becky. They had a great time together

while Dad went with Grandma and Grandpa and I to get tacos.  I unexpectedly ordered a beef tongue taco, thought it was a little fatty.   Mom and G had fun catching up with friends!

G is spending a lot of this break taking swim lessons!  After the first class, they brought her to the big pool in the back

where she is learning more strokes and really doing super great!  She loves swimming at Jan Thomas
 and doing Grandma's hair (everyone's hair really)

 mmm chocolate tastings on the porch.
 cute fuzzy puppy faces who did great at the kennel
 it was Scooter's first time there, and he got a glowing report.

 He had to stay while we went on a weekend trip to Southern California.
 We spent our first day at the children's museum, which was pretty awesome, with loads of structures to climb on
 and activities to test our Physics and engineering knowledge.

We met up with Uncle Ryan at a really amazingly good restaurant in Pasadena (mmm, i'll have to look it up, but something like Mi Piache)  it was so delicious, though G and I had a hard time finishing our uber rich triple chocolate dessert.  Most of the adults could barely handle a spoonful/
We had a great breakfast at Intelligensia (fancy coffee shop)
 Then we headed down a bit further down to Legoland!

 There were loads of very cool exhibits.  Whole cities in legos.  Mom's favorite was the very impressive star-wars exhibit.

 and althought we though the exhibits were pretty great, we were super excited by the water section of the park.  I got soaked, I loved the bucket dump, and running all around with Uncle Ryan.  It took a while, but eventually Grace went on a ride where we dove down into a big splash pool and then she couldn't stop laughing.
 by the end of the exhibit, we were ALL soaked all the way to our underwear and socks.
 Grace was in love with each hotel we stayed at and could not bear to even mess up the covers.  The pools at each of the hotels was our very very favorite thought.

 We had a really yummy dumpling breakfast, where everyone ate loads of really amazing hand formed dumplings of all sorts, but our very favorites were the soup dumplings.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


This week we celebrated a full summer initiation... Mom finished up summer school with her birthday!

I decided to join the Portland aesthetic and made sunflower tattoos on my legs (yep, that's tape and sunflower petals) .  Owen did a week of bike-camp where he rode in a small gang all over town... from Sellwood, downtown, up to Mt Tabor, over to Cartlandia... it was awesome.  I also did my last week at the YMCA... thanks for everything you super teachers!  It will be tricky, I haven't ever not had a few of these teachers who were with me and Owen as a baby and moved with me from Market Street over to YArts... Mr Jake, Mr Daniel, Mr Joe and my new teacher Ms Sue Thank you all so much with all our hearts! 
 To really kick things off through this transition, we got the heck outta town and headed out to Cape Perpetua for our annual awesome camping trip with our pals.  It was a long drive out due to some traffic, but we were greeted with a wonderful burrito dinner and sweet warm friends.
 The morning was kicked off with an early trip to the tide pools.  It was a really great low-tide and we were able to walk out with short hike from our campsite to see all sorts of amazing life.

We saw the usual suspects, acorn, gooseneck and thatched barnacles, mussels, gorgeous green anemones and aggregating anemones... but most exciting was seeing a variety of chiton and loads of seastar recruits
 How many can you see here?  They were tiny six-legged guys in every crevice.
 Joaquin and Owen explored the wetter pools with Val and Mom, while Dad, Scooter and I took an easier and sandier route where we could explore AND dig.

 after exploring one rocky bench, we wandered over to Thors well, which was pretty cool at low tide, but really showed up nicely at high tide later in the day (after Mom's camera ran out of battery power).
 It was a beautiful day and great to escape the PDX heat and hub-bub to just spend time hanging out with friends and exploring beaches.  

 Ray and Esme joined us by lunch time and we had a great lunch, wandered around Yahats a bit then headed back to camp.
 as we headed back to camp our little strawberry prius turned over to 100,000 and going strong!
 That afternoon, there was an artist in residence at the visitor center who had all sorts of art supplies for us to use.  We all made awesome pictures of Cape Perpetua before heading down to enjoy some more beach time and check out the water spout and Thors well at high tide.
It was a really wonderful weekend!