Sunday, July 05, 2015


Happy 4th of July everyone!  Owen and I finished our first camp that we got to take together... Monsters and clay!  We had a blast together and got many compliments... me about working well with the big kids, and Owen for being a great big-brother and also helping keep all the campers active and trying new things!  
 Owen got to try throwing a bit on the wheel, which is much harder than he thought it would be.  We did use the wheels to make some great circle art though!
 And our monsters are all super scary and are going to be keeping the bugs out of Mom's potted plants all over the house and garden.
 Okay, so it's HOT here, like almost California hot, but definitely in the upper 90s.  We are grateful that Dan fixed our AC, since we don't have a cool basement to retreat to.  Friday, Dad and Owen and I had the day off, so we went to the pool and the library for the day and had a wonderful time.  Saturday was the 4th... and since this weekend is the only weekend as far as we can tell that we actually didn't have anything planned, Mom and Dad took advantage of it and painted the bathroom cabinets... which doesn't sound that exciting, but Owen and I had a great day at home!  It isn't that often that we just have to hang out, but we did and we had a great time together.
 Dad turned on the sprinklers, we made all sorts of forts, played games, admired the sunflowers, all in all a pretty awesome day.  We didn't even really want to leave to get icecream (and a run for more supplies for Mom)... but were convinced.  Cloud City had pop-rock encrusted Unicones and they were so awesome.
 Owen and I managed to eat at least a half of a watermelon and devour several popsicles.  Mom managed to make an apple pie between coats of paint, and Dad smoked some great barbecue.

We had a yummy dinner 
 Followed by some fireworks!  I so loved these, and declared it the best ever!
 Last year we were able to see some big ones from our porch later, but this year, they seemed just out of view.
 We had a lot of sparklers to go through, and I just couldn't figure why they wouldn't just call them magic wands!
 Today, we are slowly pulling our bathroom back together (but there are still some areas that need touch-ups and a good solid cure time, so we are only half way there)... Mom went to Yoga and work for a lot of the afternoon, so Dad cut Owen and his own hair.
 He let me help some too.  I finished the afternoon up with a lot of beautifully decorated bark-chip pies to share with everyone!
Happy Independence Day!

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