Sunday, July 12, 2015


Grace and I finished up our camp time together in Clay camp and had a great time creating all sorts of things, but mostly getting extremely dirty and having a fun in general.  
Dad took off for a fishing tourney this weekend and left us with Mom.  We had a pretty decent, if not low-key weekend.  Friday was tough, it was hard to leave camp and by the time Mom (actually left and did some errands) came back we were tired.  However we rallied for Saturday and went black berry picking with Liam and Vanessa (Mom forgot her camera).

We didn't do gangbusters 'cause G and I were not really feeling like picking, but Mom did well enough for a batch of Jam and berry ice cream!  Everyone left full of berries!  We got home and Mom cracked open a watermelon and sent us outside to enjoy.  The heat wave has broken, which is great, its nice to enjoy the inside and outside this summer.
 THis morning, we made crepes, and while Mom was cooking, I took our fruit and veg and made critters (inspired by cauliflower sheep picture from the sandwich shop we had lunch at after berries)

 Grace spent a lot of the weekend making her various bark-chip pies.
 It was nice to have some time to hang-out in the backyard.  Mom also got a bit productive and made the jam and tackled everyone's bookcases that were starting to get overstuffed again!

 Mom let us pull out the sprinklers for a bit and just as were getting properly soaked, Dad came home!  He did fantastically, and came in 5th (out of over 100 participants) with a 14lb ling cod and a limit of rockfish (and a new rod as a prize!).

 Grace and I have also been practicing our fun-noodle battles with occasional choreographed dancing breaks.
 In addition to all of the fish, Dad came back with a big bag of clams, so we mixed up some nice home-made noodles

 Dad and Grace made a big dinner of clam pasta that was enjoyed on the deck.  A perfect finale to the weekend.

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