Monday, August 31, 2015

Owen requested I post some salmon photos.

22 lb Chinook


Chinook and Coho Limit

Sunday, August 30, 2015

so it begins

Oh my goodness, this is about it.  Summer vacation is coming to a close and we are diving into a new chapter... School!!!  I start Kindergarten this week, and am a little nervous, but I am also certain that as soon as I get used to it, I will have a great time.
Dad went on a long fishing trip last week and came home with three delicious salmon!  We will get him to post some pictures here soon, but they were big and beautiful... Go Dad!  Thanks for bringing home a load of wonderful meals!
We kicked off our salmon dining with the collars and heads for all of that yummy meat that we don't really want to freeze.  Owen and Mom were particularly excited and did a great job cleaning up their favorite parts!
Owen and I have been playing a lot of ninjas around the house.  O helped me get decked out for our stealth missions.
Mom, on the other hand made us bike into school almost every day this week for practice and exercise.  We did talk her into a hot-dog lunch at least the day before Owen went back to school.

On Thursday he headed off to 4th Grade!  Can you believe it?  He woke up super early and was dressed, made his bed, had packed his own lunch, and brushed his teeth by 6:30, when he woke the folks up, who informed him that he now had an hour and a half to chill a bit... so he dove back into work on IXL to warm up his math skills before heading to class.
He was super excited to be getting back into the swing of things, and his new teacher Mrs M seems really great... it's going to be a good year for him... it's kind of exciting to be an upper grader now.
When we picked him up, we celebrated his first day with Cloud City ice cream (along with about half of the school!).
After O's first week of school, we looked at the sky and said good bye to the summer blue and hello to a much needed rainstorm that has been going through all weekend.  Fall came all at once.

Mom and I were home for Owen's first few days of school, so we had our friends over for snacks and play-time.  I love seeing adorable baby Ellie, and Alex and I played super well together for the morning, while the Mom's snacked and chatted.
We did have to get ready though because Friday was also Dad's birthday!  Owen and I found some streamers and balloons and put them all up around the house ourselves so we could surprise Daddy when he came home!
We did a great job!  I helped Mom with his apple cake, and we took him out to dinner at the new Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood that he has been eye-ing... Rocios.  They had a great San Diego style burrito (just meat and guac please!).
and we all had a nice evening out.
After dinner, we pulled out his cake and sang Happy Birthday.
This weekend, even though it was a bit rainy, we headed over to the Oregon State Fair in Salem.
There were loads of animal exhibits.  We mostly spent our time checking out all of the farm animals.  My favorite was a crazy pigeon that puffed up in all sorts of weird ways.
Or this chicken with the super long legs that was called Stiltz.

Folks were doing all sorts of animal care getting them ready to show.  The bull above was getting the blow-dryer treatment, and these sheep were getting perfectly geometric and beautiful haircuts.

Although we didn't do most of the rides (something about rides that can be folded up and trucked away is unsettling to Mom and Dad), but they couldn't say no to the merry-go-round, which I absolutely loved!

Owen was pretty excited over the robotics exhibit, in part because they let volunteers race some of the robots through a sort of obstacle course.

Dad had never ever been to a fair like this, and Mom hadn't since she was a kid.  It was pretty fun, lots to see and we only got poured on once!  not too shabby.
Owen was pretty excited to start writing himself (in case you didn't guess, Mom typically actually writes for us, but that may change!) in the blog last week and will put together a post this week as well, he certainly loves comments and questions (we just have to figure out how to respond... bear with us).

Back to school

 I just started blogging and it was pretty fun.Bloging is a BLAST!!!

 When my dad came home from fishing me and my sister watched Dad fillet huge salmon.

I biked in for the first day of school .
So long summer vacation.

A few days latter I went to a state fair and had lots of fun!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blogpost by Owen!

                            Last week grandma and grandpa came over.We played marbles                                                        and I won!!!
                            After that they watched me do wushu.I found out how to do a                                                        good behind the back flower.
                           We invited our friends over to do tie dye.
                          It turned out great!

                                      Then we biked to school and had lots of fun!
                          Me and Grace made pancakes.They were great!
                             P.S. Please write comments.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


This week has been super long and super short all at once.  I think it is because school starts for me next week, so we have been trying to do a lot!  Both Grace and I did trackers this week.  She had her first week ever and totally loved it!  They found dragon eggs, made magic wands, held baby turkeys, turtles, snake, etc... she was in class with Esme and loved every moment!  I had a ball too, but have been much more closed mouthed about the adventures, though it did include a few battles with ogres.  Best of all we had a few more evenings with Grandma and Grandpa Steves!  
 We all enjoyed a really fantastic dinner at Country Cat.  They got to come to one of my WuShu classes, and I even have been leading the warm-ups, so I got to show off for them!
 Three-sectional staff has been a tough one, but I am finally getting the hard moves together!  It has been a lot of work, but is looking much better!
 We sent Grandma and Grandpa home on Tuesday... via plane this time for a quicker return trip.  It is always so nice to spend time with them.  Grace was so sad the next day and wrote them a nice note because she missed them so much!
 We brought our trackers buddies and partners in many adventures home on Wed and did some awesome tie-dye!  It has been on my summer bucket list, dovetailing with Mom's current obsession of dying with indigo.
 Val and Mom snuck in an hour or so of shibori before bringing us into a mix.  
 Since the tie-dye actually went pretty quickly, we had lots of time to play

 before letting the dye set in our shirts and enjoying the beautiful rainbows!
 Here is Grace's magic mark (on her leg... it is her water power) and her fairy catcher (stick with bells, yarn and flowers!
 Yesterday, the fires that are burning throughout the Northwest blew a bunch of smoke down through the gorge right into Portland.  It was a weird red sun and lots of haze all day.
 So this is what we do on warm days, with a broken AC in the house... we burrow into as many blankets and pillows as possible.  Mom almost couldn't bear to watch us.  Dad brilliantly escaped to the coast for a fishing trip with his friends.
 Mom, Grace and I took off early to do a community day at the school, where we spent a few hours pulling weeds, raking, and picking up all around campus!  This was followed by a pretty fun Kindergarten meet-up, so G. could potentially meet some new friends!
 However, although she said hi to a few kids, she mostly hung out with me on the play equipment.  I don't know if you can notice the smoke in these pictures.  Turned out it wasn't a great plan to spent the day working outside... it started out okay, but got steadily worse through the morning so we finally headed home to stick to the inside.

After the day at the school, we had play-dates lined up.  Grace got two!  A slumber party with A from down the street, their first one, it went super well, though they stayed up way too late strategizing about methods of falling asleep, but not able to for all of the planning.  I got to celebrate my buddy Aidens' birthday at Wonderland and a playdate at his house, while Grace got her Pre-K buddy E. over for a wonderful afternoon of karaoke, tea and twister!
 As the air seems to be clearing up a bit (though G. still has a cough) we caught the culprit who is probably the one making a mess of the sunflowers all over the garden!