Monday, August 24, 2015

Blogpost by Owen!

                            Last week grandma and grandpa came over.We played marbles                                                        and I won!!!
                            After that they watched me do wushu.I found out how to do a                                                        good behind the back flower.
                           We invited our friends over to do tie dye.
                          It turned out great!

                                      Then we biked to school and had lots of fun!
                          Me and Grace made pancakes.They were great!
                             P.S. Please write comments.


Amy said...

I love reading your writing Owen! Sounds like a great week!

Uncle Ryan said...

Have you had any accidents with the Three-sectional staff? That behind the back move looks difficult!

Val said...

Your tie-dyed clothes came out really well! We are in New Hampshire visiting our cousins and on Sunday, all the kids wore their matching tie-dye shirts. Hope you have a great first day of 4th grade.