Sunday, August 16, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Steves are here!

So it was a touch quieter for a lot of the week, but it didn't stay that way!  We organized fewer playdates, but spent a lot more time doing projects at home.  Owen worked on his three-sectional staff and seriously improved this week, many fewer thwacks to the head or leg!  
 He did have a great lemonade stand with Aiden one day, so Mom and I went to the nature park.  I built a fort, but didn't really meet up with any friends like I have before, it was relatively quiet, so Mom and I had a good time of the place,
 and I got some great climbing in!
 Wednesday we headed to Pacific City to enjoy the beach!
 Owen spent a lot of it tide-pooling and collecting all sorts of algae that was washing up.

 Owen was having such a great time in the tide pools that he wasn't too enthusiastic about heading out on the relatively flat ocean.  On the other hand, I was thrilled for the chance to go, so Dad took me out for my first Ocean Kayak expedition.

 We did great, headed out to see a giant mountain covered in piles and piles of bird poop!  Dad caught a buffalo sculpin but we let the little guy go.
 I had a blast!
The next day we headed to the zoo to check out the new elephant exhibit.  It is mostly still in progress, but we did get a bit of a peek of how great it is going to be.  Otherwise, we visited the goats
 and took in the bird-show.  Although the animals are magnificent, and we got excellent seats (right under one of the roosts), the biggest highlight was seeing my old teacher (and Owen's too!) Mr. Jake who now was teaching the zoo campers.

 When we got back from the zoo we pulled out some of the algae we collected from the beach and made some awesome sun-prints.

Tops on our list also has been to get me in biking shape for school, so we ride our bikes to school almost every day to practice.

 this Friday we celebrated with a picnic!  but usually there is a lot of frisbee and monkey bar time.  I am working hard to build up my calluses again.
 So that's the mundane, relaxing summer fun, but we stepped things up a notch with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Steves!  They took the train across country to visit us, so we have heard about all of their exciting train travel, turns out the prettiest part of the country is our own backyard, that and trains sure are bumpy!  They brought me a new teddy, Churchill, who I adore, and immediately set to introduce him to everyone else with a tea party.  
 Grandpa Steves brought some of his cool marbles (and a book so Owen could learn about them).  Owen has obviously been practicing because he consistently won!
 While they were playing, Grandma Steves did my hair (and I worked on Isabelle's)
 It turned out so pretty that I even kept it in for the rest of the day!
 Today we headed up to Pittock Mansion, our first visit!  It has a gorgeous view, though a bit hazy today.
 Even though we have lived here for a while, it was our first time there!

 although I was a little cranky for a lot of the tour, I perked up after seeing some of the kids rooms.
 in addition to the beautiful rooms inside the mansion, the garden outside was lovely for lounging around (and even perching in a tree).
We have a few more days with Grandma and Grandpa, though my first week at trackers starts tomorrow bright and early.  I am a little nervous for that, but Owen promises me it will be fun.


Emily said...

Those seaweed sun prints are awesome! I have been meaning to do it with paper, but I never thought to do it with cloth.

Sounds like you guys had a great summer!

Amy said...

Emily! There is this stuff called inkodye that works really well, and is pretty easy to use, though a bit smelly. There are a few more of our pictures here: I suggest high noon to do them, angled sunlight made some weirder shadows on the more 3d plants.

Emily said...