Sunday, August 09, 2015

it's a date!

This week has sorta kinda been like another first week of real summer vacation, meaning we didn't have any trips planned, any camps, any visits, just hanging out... that and Mom finally got the hang of scheduling some play-dates for us!!  Thank goodness!  We started out with a great morning with J and E at our place, J and I basically disappeared into my room for the duration, while the gals did lots of dress-up and appreciating their beautiful umbrellas in the beautiful Portland sunshine.  
We met them the next day to do just a bit more berry picking... and got a great haul of some nice blackberries and golden raspberries.

 It was definitely the end of the seasons though.  
At Smith's berry barn, there are also farm animals for us to feed and enjoy, as well as a great sandwich shop across the way.

The rest of the week was filled as well with play dates with Aiden, Kale, it was pretty great all in all.

We had a great pizza night and the tomatoes are getting so big that my favorite of having fresh tomatoes on top looked a little wacky this time.   Mom did a little bit of sewing, and both the folks did some garage cleaning this weekend, there is still about a third left to tackle, but it is much better.  
Although we didn't bring the camera, this weekend, Grace, Mom and I went on a bike trip to Woodstock, to warm up for the school year.  It was Grace's first no training wheel bike trek.  She has been buzzing all around the neighborhood for ages now, but is finally confident enough and had no  problem biking beautifully all the way to school, the ice cream shop and back home.  Can't wait to bike to school with my lovely sister!!   

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