Sunday, August 02, 2015

new tricks

We have learned a lot while we were at Grandma and Grandpa's this week!  Grandma got me some cute new converse with laces and then taught me to tie them!  I am very good now and insist on doing it myself.

Owen spent the week at River Camp

and I spent the time at Zoo camp and at Jan Thomas swim school.  Both were  great!
I loved Zoo Camp, and learned all about African animals,

we got to visit the Giraffes, Lions, and a ball python visited our classroom as well.  It was pretty amazing!  In addition to all of the super great activities Grandma lined up for us, we also got to visit with wonderful friends.  We spent an evening enjoying swimming and dinner at Auntie Donna and Uncle John's house.
 Spending every day we could at the VanVolkinburg's pool has dramatically improved Owen's diving skills.
 Uncle John wonderfully had picked us a full crate of figs, but Owen and I went deep into his fig tree
 and came out with 4 dozen more (at least)!
 I'm not such a big fan, but Owen and Mom love them.  We took them home and dried about half and enjoyed the other half fresh.
 One day after Zoo Camp we visited the Great Grandpa Jerry and my Great-Great Grandpa and Great-Great Grandma, brought flowers, and I was super helpful cleaning everything up.   
 This was followed by a great lunch (according to Grandma and Mom) at Don Pepe's.  I didn't love my fish taco (didn't even try it really), but Grandma's shrimp cocktail was pretty amazingly good.
 I finished up this week with my swim teacher Katy and did amazing.  Seriously, I learned four strokes this session, and was doing really well by the end.

 I do love learning to swim with Jan Thomas swim school, and progressed loads.
 If Mom can figure out how to load the videos, I"ll show you.  By the middle of the week, I was jumping off the diving board at the Van's pool and swimming over to the side all by my self!  And I LOVED it!  I have been terrified of anywhere I couldn't touch, but am fantastic at swimming around now.

 We even got time to spend with Mom's lovely friends.  She got to go out an enjoy a dinner with Susan and Becky earlier in the week, which was just wonderful, but we all got to visit with them over Pizza just before we had our last day in Fresno.
 No trip would be complete without them!  I finished up Zoo camp with the bird-show which I loved!
 Plus new friends and great memories of camp.
 Grandma, Grandpa and Mom picked me up, and took me out to a nice lunch before heading out to Scout Island to pick up Owen.
 River campers had a big finale where they put on a play for all the families.  We were all surprised that Owen had a big role... as the villain in the play!
 He had a solo speaking part, and got to select his own costume... exactly the picture of Mr. Big Business with the big pink sunglasses, blue wig (with glittery bow) and a tie... of course.
 although he had been pretty tight-lipped about his experience at River Camp, it seems he made some good friends and had a great time.  It looks like a fun crowd.

 Under the costume was the remnants of an "EPIC INDIAN SOCCER GAME!" as reported... they all painted TNT on their foreheads and dyed their hair green (then proceeded to sweat a lot of it away).
 So, I learned to tie my shoes and to swim.  Owen got good at diving and even Scooter learned a new trick.
 Inspired by Zoe's very good high-five, we taught Scooter how to shake hands.  He still needs some work, but is doing really well!  We are going to practice every day.
It was an uneventful drive home, though we did see loads of smoke through the mountains from the wild fires.  Mom drove us herself and we all did really well and were thrilled to see Daddy again! Today was quieter, sort of a settling back in day.   We went with Dad to the pool to show him our mad skills, but otherwise puttered around the garden and the house.  It is lovely to be home, but thank you for the fantastic stay Grandma and Grandpa!  We had a great time and learned so much!

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