Sunday, September 06, 2015


So, I am glad to report that the first week of school was a success!  Grace and I are glad to be with our friends and everyone is getting slowly into a regular schedule.  We started afterschool care together and that went well too!
 Grace has learned to skip already at the Monkey Bars... it didn't take her too long!
 This weekend has been pretty mellow, lots of increasingly complex pillow forts taking over the living room, a few visits with some pals....
 and a lot of love for this... lure, yep, Grace's new favorite thing is this gigantic lure she calls grubby!  It is beloved.
 The highlight this weekend was not when we found the giant nail in our tire on the way to celebrate this lovely lady.... Happy birthday Val!  We had a great time at a lovely end of year / birthday celebration.   
 Thanks for letting us share in your celebration!  We wish you a wonderful year!  Also in birthday news this week Grandma Terri celebrated another loop around the sun!  Happy Birthday Grandma!  

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