Sunday, September 13, 2015

street fairs and bridges and makers oh my!

Mom and I painted my nails in rainbows this weekend to match my dress!
 as well as to enjoy a little downtime before embarking on a Portland-filled weekend.  We spent most of the entire weekend celebrating everything Portland!  To start, the first day of Tillikum crossing was on Saturday, so we spent a lot of the day taking the Max or Busses all around town.  We took our inagural trip on the Orange line with a thousand other people all sardined into the Max cars... although it was pretty snug, it was sweet that everyone cheered when we went over the bridge!  We did a little downtown romp,

 had lunch at hotlips pizza (our favorite PSU lunch joint)!
 before checking out some of the orange-line festivities... Owen was pretty pleased by the draping of Orange over everything!
 We walked back over for our return trip.  The bridge is dedicated to pedestrians, bikers and public transit!
 it was a beautiful day to wander over the Wilamette.

 Of course, you can't celebrate all that is Portland without at least one sighting of the Unipiper!

 Folks were getting pretty tired, but after catching the bus back on our side of the river, Mom and Owen decided to hop off and walk the Belmont Street fair before heading home.  It was a nice excursion that included a snowcone, checking out a lot of polished rocks and one of his favorite... a signed copy of the newest Terra Tempo by the author David Shapiro who was right there!  So excited to add to our collection of pictures with Portland celebrities!  
 Dad tried to get Mom to choose just two of the four things she wanted to do on Saturday, but we managed to narrow it down to three with no major meltdowns!  FInally, for dinner we headed over to the Mercado, which is really a collection of great Latin-American Food carts/shops/fun!  There was a festival going on so we got to hear some music, see a load of people and Mom got us these amazing fruit slushies!
 Plus... schwag.  Our choices of activities today left us with a lot of freebies.
 Today, pshew.  After a really busy but fun-filled day yesterday, we mellowed almost not at all today and headed out first thing in the morning for the mini-Maker fair!
 I had a blast making all sorts of great creations, including the classic... LED robot flashy badge.
 Owen, Mom and Dad learned how frightfully easy it is to pick a lot of locks (some are more difficult than others!)  Owen was pretty good at this!
 I did a bit of plein-air painting.
 and we both met back up to feed some bees!

 We didn't stay as long as we usually would have, but I think it was actually a lot nicer because we didn't leave completely burnt out, but pleasantly exposed to a lot of very creative vibes (and tesla coils).  Mom and Val headed over to Leslie's baby shower.
 while J and E came over for a great afternoon play-date!
I am pretty sure we soaked up every ounce of this weekend that we could muster!

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