Sunday, September 20, 2015


This weekend we had a great week at school!  I got trained to be a safety patrol volunteer and am excited to start next week!  
 Friday night, after wushu, we walked down the street to Chapman elementary where they have the Vaux Swifts roosting in their chimney this month.
 We set up our picnic with hundreds of other people and our friends J E and V who came to join us.  We hadn't seen this event since Grace was born, so it was pretty fun to share it with her too!  
 we had our dinner and the kids ran all around
 until the sunset, and the swifts all came home to roost.  It was pretty fun, a hawk set up camp right on the Chimney and waited, scaring off the flock for a while until she finally caught one and flew off to enjoy her meal, then finally the rest could come home.
 We gathered under the tree with the hawk, and about a dozen other kids catching swift feathers.  Saturday we got to celebrate our friend's birthdays!  Happy Birthday Linda, Alex and Ellie!
 It was a great day of running all around in the inside gym, and later outside as well.
 Our sweet friends put on a super fun party!

 Happy birthday buds!  While we were celebrating, Dad was out fishing with heroes on the water, and managed to bring home one crab... (and had a beautiful day on the water, the vet he was with caught a big ol' wild salmon though, she was pretty thrilled but had to let it go).  Anyhow, Dad picked up some squid and big mushrooms and made a fantastic seafood chowmein for dinner tonight!  The sun has been good to us this weekend, and it is hard to say bye to summer, but Grace and I are ready for fall!

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