Sunday, October 25, 2015

hey pumpkin

It's been an exciting week for us!  PPS takes a load of time off during October... a variety of inservice days and parent-teacher meeting schedules.  Both Owen and I got great reports from out teachers!  I am a good listener, a great helper and am doing very well with my reading and math skills... I just need to speak up for myself a bit more.  Owen is rockin' the math and is still doing well with his reading and writing... he has to work on the appropriate time to speak-up.  
Previously if O. had a day off from school, he would hang out with the folks at work and was great about it... but since we are now both subject to the pps schedule Dad took most of the week off to hang out with us.  We did loads of errand, you know, important things like hanging up spider webs all over our tree.
 Stocking up on mustaches
 and heading to the park
 and finding perfect balance!
 We also celebrated Back to the Future week by watching the trilogy, one each day we had off... and we loved it!

This weekend was busy for the folks, lots of meetings and things to do, which we were pretty good about tagging along with.  We made up for it with a super fun pumpkin carving party with our friends!  This may be the what is it folks... the seventh annual carving fest with these great friends! 
 This year, more kids did even more of their own carving and then were great going off to play on their own with fairly minimal adult supervision, which made for a very happy crew all around!

 Everyone pitched in for a great dinner, loads of roasted veg, popovers, snacks!
 and some really great pumpkin designs

 and pumpkin grins!  During one of the movies, I just pulled out my second top tooth... it wasn't even that loose but it popped right out!  Perfect for a jack-o-lantern grin!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cosy weekend

 It has been pretty low-key this weekend.  Saturday dad made some pretty sweet scones, and this morning, Grace and I made a big batch of pancakes all by ourselves!  Saturday I got a call from my pal Dominic who just transferred schools, too bad because I think he is pretty great.  I was pretty happy to get to chat with him on the phone and meet with him at the roller rink.  Dad and Grace made the rounds together leaving me to learn on my own!

I totally figured it out by the end of the session and was able to hold my own well enough.
 Today was quieter, we got to help Fay at church celebrate her 100th birthday!! Afterwards, Dad ran some errands and we just got to play around the house.  Just as we were starting to get stir crazy (you can tell because the funnoodle battles begin), our pals came over for a play/dinner date.  
 Joaquin and I even got the grown-ups to play a game of Munchkin!
Happy fall folks, the summerry weather is fading for a few rainstorms and bright leaves.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


I've been enjoying trying out my various birthday gifts lately, particularly the art supplies. 

Owen passed his red belt test at wushu on Friday.  This time he was tested on his three sectional staff which is basically a very long nun-chuck with three sections instead of two. Not exactly an easy weapon to master, but Owen did a great job.

On Saturday we headed out to Boring, Oregon to look for pumpkins.  Luckily the new pumpkin patch did not live up to the town's name... we had lots of fun.

After you arrive we arrived to the farm, we took a very nice hay wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch.   The pumpkins in the patch were all very nice and still attached to the vine which isn't always the case at some pumpkin patches.

We all managed to pick out really nice pumpkins.

Mine was so nice I just had I had to hug it.  Actually, the family rule is you can only pick a pumpkin you can carry.

Owen's pumpkin was particularly large and we weren't sure he'd be able to get it back to the hay wagon, but he did.  

 The farm wasn't too crowded for a Saturday, but that might have been due to the weather.  While it was nice when were there, it started raining

We had a nice green wagon to drag our pumpkin collection around in.  We even had room to ride in the wagon ourselves.

I think every pumpkin patch has one of these painting things where you stick your head through for photos. 

We also got to make little doll heads made of a stocking, some soil and grass seeds.  We decorated them with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.  Hopefully in a few days the grass seeds with start to grow out of the tops of their heads.

Today we went to the Oregon Zoo for a few hours in the afternoon.   We got to see the new harbor seals that now live where Gus the sea lion lived before he passed away this spring.

A lot of the other animals at the zoo where very active today and we had great views of the orangutans,


and giraffes.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Toothless (post by Owen)

It's fall at last!  I've been waiting for a long time.

I just started a allowance...$5. I have to let the chickens out in the morning and clean their coop, set the table every night, and pick up after Scooter.

We went up to Hood River and ate at Double Mountain I had a beer...  (root beer), and three slices of pizza.

 "Oh no" Grace lost a tooth. "Yay" I lost my first molar.

I relax as Grace pulls me at apple orchard.

 Now I make my Dad work out.  Ptss, he needed it.

Look my dads giving me the GLARE.

Know it's time to pick apples.We picked a lot.

Look a million apples.  I'm hungry the apples look great.

There's Rick the farm dog.

Time for a ride I sat on a dead mouse "cool"

 Too tall.
 There at last.
 There's Joaquin.

Old ladies are great. They gave us 4 talents ($4 worth of tokens) and we got a large Greek pastries. They were AWESOME!!!!!!!