Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cosy weekend

 It has been pretty low-key this weekend.  Saturday dad made some pretty sweet scones, and this morning, Grace and I made a big batch of pancakes all by ourselves!  Saturday I got a call from my pal Dominic who just transferred schools, too bad because I think he is pretty great.  I was pretty happy to get to chat with him on the phone and meet with him at the roller rink.  Dad and Grace made the rounds together leaving me to learn on my own!

I totally figured it out by the end of the session and was able to hold my own well enough.
 Today was quieter, we got to help Fay at church celebrate her 100th birthday!! Afterwards, Dad ran some errands and we just got to play around the house.  Just as we were starting to get stir crazy (you can tell because the funnoodle battles begin), our pals came over for a play/dinner date.  
 Joaquin and I even got the grown-ups to play a game of Munchkin!
Happy fall folks, the summerry weather is fading for a few rainstorms and bright leaves.

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