Sunday, October 11, 2015


I've been enjoying trying out my various birthday gifts lately, particularly the art supplies. 

Owen passed his red belt test at wushu on Friday.  This time he was tested on his three sectional staff which is basically a very long nun-chuck with three sections instead of two. Not exactly an easy weapon to master, but Owen did a great job.

On Saturday we headed out to Boring, Oregon to look for pumpkins.  Luckily the new pumpkin patch did not live up to the town's name... we had lots of fun.

After you arrive we arrived to the farm, we took a very nice hay wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch.   The pumpkins in the patch were all very nice and still attached to the vine which isn't always the case at some pumpkin patches.

We all managed to pick out really nice pumpkins.

Mine was so nice I just had I had to hug it.  Actually, the family rule is you can only pick a pumpkin you can carry.

Owen's pumpkin was particularly large and we weren't sure he'd be able to get it back to the hay wagon, but he did.  

 The farm wasn't too crowded for a Saturday, but that might have been due to the weather.  While it was nice when were there, it started raining

We had a nice green wagon to drag our pumpkin collection around in.  We even had room to ride in the wagon ourselves.

I think every pumpkin patch has one of these painting things where you stick your head through for photos. 

We also got to make little doll heads made of a stocking, some soil and grass seeds.  We decorated them with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.  Hopefully in a few days the grass seeds with start to grow out of the tops of their heads.

Today we went to the Oregon Zoo for a few hours in the afternoon.   We got to see the new harbor seals that now live where Gus the sea lion lived before he passed away this spring.

A lot of the other animals at the zoo where very active today and we had great views of the orangutans,


and giraffes.

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