Sunday, November 01, 2015


Happy Halloween all!

We didn't have the camera out nearly as much as we should have this week, but it's been so busy and fun and sweet!

Speaking of sweet, Grace got to try on her costumes for the first fitting this week, She's a bon bon in the children's nutcracker... almost a full-length performance!   The costumes are super cute and the kids loved trying them on!

Our harvest festival at school this week was also super fun, I got to pal around with Madison for the Haunted house, and ate way too many cupcakes... Oh, and convinced Dad to embrace my Halloween costume... Nick Fury, you know, 'cause he's bald and I look forward to shaving my head for halloween all year!

Friday we had yet another day off from school, so this time Mom took us out for the Minions movie at the Academy (which means we get to eat pizza while we watch a movie!)  and some sweets afterwards at the bakery nearby that she and Grace are huge fans of (they have a decadent chocolate caramel brownie!).

Saturday we mostly tried hard to stay out of Dad and Dan's way as they worked all day to install the furnace... they will tackle the AC soon, but we aren't in as much of a rush for that.  I'd love to say that we did something fun, but once Mom took us to the Library on Friday, I was totally stuck in my room with a giant stack of graphic novels. It was even tough to get me to walk Scooter!  Though we did manage several very short walks.

 Grace was super helpful though and would be great at passing tools or picking up fallen screws.  Mostly we were conserving our energy for some trick-or-treating!

Grace revisited her Katara costume (which still fits great! and is still a favorite character) and I started as Nick Fury, but then went with a pirate, then back to fury...

it was a bit chaotic for a little bit there, but after I sat down for some deep dish pizza Mom made, things went much smoother.

After we did first cut through the neighborhood, met some new neighbors we met up with Aiden and family and wandered around Reed, where they are very serious about Halloween... loads of really great decorations, tons of kids, We even got candy from a unicorn!! 
Oh and did I mention that it was pouring most of the day and well into the evening.  We were a group of very determined very soggy real Oregonian trick-or-treaters.  The rain didn't even slow us down, if nothing else we stayed out way longer than usual!  We came home with way more candy than can be responsibly consumed and very very happy.  Pshew!

After enjoying an extra hour to sleep in this morning, we headed to church then went up to the World Forestry Center for a really nice expo of fall mushrooms!  The mycological society had set up several really lovely, well labeled displays and we spent much of the afternoon looking around at the great mushrooms, and learning about common fall mushrooms and their look alikes.  I"m pretty excited to get another bag to grow oyster mushrooms in again.  Grace did pretty well too though was getting a little tired towards the end.  

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