Sunday, November 08, 2015

Insta fun or climbing the walls...\

It's been one of those weeks, you know where you are just busy all the time and it's not always super fun stuff, but good stuff to do, anyhow, this weekend we were all climbing the walls a bit, Dad and Dan were working on the heat pump again, so we had to hang out with Mom, in the rain, on Saturday outside the house and nobody could agree... anyhow after much ado, we headed to the library and checked out the ramen bar at New Seasons.  Not exactly on our greatest hits list, but it worked okay. 
On a way tastier note Grandma and Grandpa sent us an instapot and we (Dad) have been going to town this week with pressure cooking madness... so far a great boeuf bourguignon (not nearly as good as Grandpa Tom's but very yummy nonetheless), in about 30 minutes on a Tuesday, rice pudding, a great lentil kale indian dish, and tonight... fall off the bone tender ribs in about 40 min including some time on the grill.  Pretty impressive.  
 Finally today we had our act together enough to go to the bouldering gym for a few hours.
 Owen was tackling all of the big-kid routes and has gotten very brave.
 though he still hangs with me in the kids cave... they put some good challenges in there too if you bother to follow the tape marks.
 aaand of course, my favorite, the slack line.  Dad really really needs to get a place in our own yard for ours that Uncle Ry gave me last year.  The odd park visit isn't really cutting it, I love to do this!

 Owen too was getting pretty good!

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