Sunday, November 22, 2015

Into the arts

It has been a bit calm this week, gratefully so really.  Today I joined some other Kindergartner friends and my dear Esme to go see the Junie B. Jones play down town.  We were great at the theater,
 They had art projects so we could have glasses like Junie B. Jones
 and of course, time in the crazy chair
 This time we discovered the back side of the crazy chair and almost fell down laughing when we discovered the buns.  
 In addition to the great show, we got some pretty sweet views as well.
 We grabbed lunch down in the Pearl, then walked back up.  Our favorite stop is the sculpture garden at the museum... where we went on an adventure to conquer the sun... 
 and rode a "horse" all over town (north, south, backwards, forwards)
 We even had a map to guide us.  We took turns being the navigator!
 Owen didn't join us, but he got a fun afternoon with his friend Aiden.  They worked on their scratch games for a long time
 then finished up with a game or risk.
Happy holiday season all, hope you're getting ready for a great day with a turkey and family and friends!

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