Sunday, November 15, 2015


We have made it out and about a bit more this week.  Mostly local excursions.  Since we had Wednesday off to celebrate Veterans' Day we had a kid-swap slumber party.  J came over and we made more progress on the Star Wars series, just one more buddy before the new show comes out! 
 Grace and E. had a fantastic time together and it was hard to let go of her sweet friend.
 After swapping back, we did make it to Creston to play and see some really huge squirrels

 CERF was in town, which meant that we got to meet some of Mom and Dad's friends from their Stonybrook days!  Dad got to catch up with Motz and Nicole came over and joined us all for dinner and later they headed up to Multnomah Falls for a hike and lunch!
 It had been years since Mom made it to the top of the falls, so she was pretty happy to be able to share the view with a good friend!
 This weekend, a big storm system kept threatening, however we made it through with a few showers here and there... and plenty of time for a few nice walks.
 We wanted to see what mushrooms were out, but were nervous about heading too far afield with the rain, so just wandered Reed Canyon.  Luckily they have loads to see!  Mom thinks she saw a beaver (or muskrat), we all saw a beautiful blue heron,
 and, of course loads of mushrooms pushing their way through the duff.
 and a few beaver gnawed downed trees!

 and lots of big leaf maple leaves to race down the creek!

 all in all a very nice hike, and just what we needed to get out of the house for a bit.

 Plus quite a haul to try to identify when we got back!

We took some pictures, and organized them, then set up for some spore prints.  
Grace has been working on her new sight words and has been typing them on the typewriter, the computer and writing sentences every day!

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