Sunday, December 20, 2015


 It has been a very exciting week.  To start with, it was the last week of school so there were lots of craft projects to work on.
 and this week was also my Nutcracker performances!  We had three scheduled, I made it to two and my dress rehearsal.  Owen was very supportive! 
 We are bon bons and run out from under Mother Ginger's giant skirt!   Mom got a video of the dress rehearsal, but we will have to get the CD of the full performance to share.

 We practiced a lot, and had so much fun backstage with all of our dancer friends
 and did really super well, wonderful smiles and beautiful dancers!
 On Thursday, our friends came and watched me

 and we celebrated my first performance in an almost full-length nutcracker with pizza at hotlips!
 The Friday performance was also great!
 all of the performances were sold-out shows so we had a great big crowd to dance for
 Unfortunately, I picked up a stomach bug and it pretty much wiped me out for the weekend and we thought it was prudent to not dance in the last show, today... which was a bummer, but I was so happy to have had two (3 if you include dress rehearsal) great stage shows this week.
 Owen and I did a sewing project before Mom put her machine away... We were inspired by our crafty-wonderland excursion last week... Owen made an eyeball pillow and I made a cute cloud.
We are also midway through our advent calendar and Owen was super excited about his mini summer sausage.  
Yesterday Owen and I finally got around to writing our letters to Santa, hopefully they reach the North Pole soon!

Somehow this week we also managed to work in an evening of making Gingerbread men (okay three evenings... dough, baking, frosting)

 Owen and I did almost all of the work ourselves this year, and they are delicious and great!
and as I mentioned, I got pretty sick on Friday night and basically didn't move for the next 24 hours.  
Luckily today I woke up feeling much better and have been eating and playing around with Owen, however we still took it pretty easy.  Mostly because Dad and Neil started tearing out our bathroom.  We are pretty excited, when we get back from Grandma's we should have a new bathroom!

They worked hard all day and it's down to the studs and baseboards.

Happy holidays all and we wish you a very merry Christmas this week.

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