Sunday, December 06, 2015

Practicing elving

It's been a week of anticipation, waiting, practicing, preparing.  I had super first dress rehearsal for my first Children's Nutcracker. I've mentioned that I'm a bon bon and we got to see Mother Ginger's giant skirt for the first time today... it was pretty exciting!
  It was pretty awesome to see all of the other dancers!
and get to practice in front of everyone!
 After a long afternoon with the dancers, we came back and I got all dressed up for our Neighborhood tree lighting.  

They provide hot-dogs, hot cocoa, candy canes and ornament making!  We ran into a ton of friends.
 Not just our wonderful neighbors but also friends from school!  We got to see the fire-truck, hang out by the bonfires
 and finally they lit up the tree with all of our ornaments placed by the fire fighters!

 Today, Owen woke early and made us all a great batch of crepes!  Thanks Owen, they are my favorite!
 After church it was a quieter afternoon, I spent a lot of it making forts and wrapping up like a hibernating chipmunk.  Actually a lot of the day was spent with getting ready for Christmas!  Owen sewing up some of his Christmas presents (I picked the fabric), wrapping up soap for gifts (and making bubble print soap wrap that was super fun) and then Owen and I playing a lot of snap circuits.

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