Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tis the season!

Oh boy, it's been quite a week, and it looks like we will be going strong through Christmas!  The folks actually didn't take all that many pictures, but have had a lovely few days.
 This weekend, we got busy on making all sorts of gifts, baking cookies (okay, making dough, we haven't had the time to bake the cookies yet).  We did have a great weekend catching up with friends, and had a great pizza lunch and play-date at Charlie and Maggie's house with lots of our friends.  Mom then dragged us to crafty wonderland, and while we were awesome at the craft table where we made our own tote bags, walking around and looking at the booths was not our idea of fun.  We did get a few ideas though and came home raring to sew a bunch of softies up.  Mom promises pictures next time.
 Today at church, we participated in the Christmas pagent.  I was the wise man and Grace was an angel.
 This afternoon, we had a great time with a very special event for us... Lefse with Mrs. Durham and Mrs. Morelli (and friends!)
We LOVE lefse, and especially spending time learning how to make it from this great friend
who is amazingly well prepared and helpful (she brings several full lefse making kits... griddle, roller, table etc..)
 Grace especially loved helping out and tried her hand at ALL of the jobs (mixing, making the pucks, working the griddle, her least favorite is rolling out though)
 On the other hand, I mostly liked cooking the lefse on teh griddle.

Of course the best part is eating them.
 We finished up the day with a much anticipated play date for Grace and Esme, and cleaning up the old truck for a final farewell, it's been a good vehicle, taking the folks across country when they moved from east to west.

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