Sunday, January 31, 2016

the colds continue

We started this week with another glorious day off from school!  Yay for teacher planning day!  E. and I got a sleep over at my house and O hung out with Joaquin.  We got to get up in the morning and go to Bob's red-mill for some pancakes and get some shopping with Mom done! 
 Later that afternoon we got to hang out at work so Mom could catch up with her lab prep.  Dad took us out to the park and all over for much of the afternoon before Wushu.

This is one of my biggest toothless smiles!  I have one more loose one too! 
 This weekend wasn't terribly exciting since Mom and Dad both have been laid up since Friday.  They are trying to schedule the times that each is allowed to be sick, so it has been a quiet weekend for us as well... we actually did really well, played nicely with eachother, enjoyed our time at home.  However by Sunday, Mom was determined to get out of the house, so we went to see the rosepetals in a kids roller derby bout!
 One of Owen's classmates, Dragon Slayer is on the blue team, we heard Alice was going with her gs group, so we went to cheer them on and see what the event is all about!  We lucked into a woman giving away two tickets on the way in too!  It was obviously meant to be.  Owen and I, though lothe to leave the house paid close attention and the game was super close scoring!
 In the end our team lost by one point in the last min!  It was a pretty amazing game!
I think since Mom and Dad doubled up on the cold this weekend, that means it has slowly moved through the whole family now,

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slumber (well... not yet anyhow)

We had another musical performance, this time my grades got up and we sang "when I"m 64" and the class did a fantastic job.  

This weekend we have had lots of playtime with our pals!  Dad watched all four of us on Saturday so Mom and Val could go to the chocolate fest.  They had a lovely afternoon hanging out together and stuffing themselves silly with chocolate.  We had a great afternoon playing andthen roping Dad into a lengthy Settlers of Catan game.
Grace has been embracing her dress-up, in part as a byproduct of cleaning up her room and finding all of the necklaces!

Mom even tried to give her some fancy hairdos a la starwars/princess/fun!
Tonight, after a pretty quiet day of Dad leading his last congregational meeting as president (woo hoo Dad you did a great job the past 4 years!  We are proud of you (and ready for you to be done!)).  We had a nice dinner out with the Val and the gang, and were even reasonably well behaved at the restaurant.  I get to stay with Joaquin tonight and Esme  is at home having bubble baths 
and watching Snow White.  J and I also get a movie and a play-date.  We're lucky enough to have (another) Monday off for teacher planning, so we get a super long weekend (just like our east coasters!  Stay warm and make epic snowmen east coast family and friends!), which at least G. and E. will need tomorrow... they spend a lot of time TALKING about how hard it is to get to sleep.  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Party time!

This week I had my first Kinder winter concert and we did beautifully! 

 Classics performed included: Mister Nickerbocker, little Snowman, Little Red Wagon, This Old Man (Obviously a class favorite) and the Fruit song.  

 The concert wrapped up our only full week of classes in January, and although all of the holidays and snow days are super fun, it as nice to have a pretty predictable week under our belts.  This weekend, we partied like crazy! I joined Mom and Dad at the Warrior room for a little warrior workout Saturday morning (and did amazing), then after a quick turn-around at home, we headed back for Henry's birthday celebration!
 complete with an, as always, impressive starkiller base cake (complete with an explosive pop-rock core inside!).  This time we even got Owen to join in for a few parts of the work-out.

 there were also some fun games
 and Owen showed everyone how to climb up the poles in the studio, and I loved it most of all and probably went up 20 times, even after I was obviously tired.
 Happy Happy Birthday Henry!
 This evening we finally had Owen's birthday party and celebrated at the Mt Scott roller rink.  It was so cool, we got the whole rink to ourselves!
He was able to invite all of his classmates and most of them were able to join us as well as a lot of the rest of our friends as well!
 I am so much better than before and made it through most of the evening with minimal clinging, but still a lot of tumbles.

 We had some beginners and some honest to goodness derby girls showing us their moves.  Everyone did super well and it was fun to be able to celebrate with everyone!

 Happy birthday to a funny, sweet, helpful, growing brother.  O is feeling a bit of a cold coming on so got to spend a bit of time just hanging out in the party room chatting with is friends, I skated as much as possible until I was a sweaty, bruised (but happy) puddle.

 We are so grateful or all of our friends who were able to join us to for the celebration, and skating, we are still having a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that Owen is now a whole decade old!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Double Digits!

Guess who's ten years old now... this guy!

I had a quiet Wednesday birthday at home this year, but Mom and Dad are having a roller skating party next weekend for my birthday and I've invited my entire class.  I did open a few birthday presents including this cool Lego Obi Wan Kenobi and other Star Wars gifts that I got from my Great Aunts and Great Uncles and their families down in California.

For my birthday cake this year I had a babka.... that counts doesn't it?  They are more of a bread than a cake, but they are like 50% chocolate so I think it still counts.  Dad also made my request of clam chowder AND fish and chips.  Mom thinks it means we should head out to the coast again soon!  It has otherwise been our first "week" back to school.  I use the quotes because Monday AND Tuesday school was cancelled due to all of that snow turning Portland into an ice-rink. We are grateful that the roads were clear enough on Tuesday that both Grace and I got a play-date over at J & E's house, saving us from cabin fever and allowing Dad to complete his conference call in relative peace.
For Mom and Dad this week was a banner week for visitors!  There was a meeting in town so Mom got to have dinner with Cascade, Mom and Dad had lunch with Leo, and this weekend Mom's college friend Robby J was in town for his birthday so they got to enjoy drinks together at Rev. Nat's Ciderhouse

 and then today the whole family enjoyed brunch with the Mochizukis!  We LOVE that so many of our dear friends make it through town every now and again.   After a busy/quiet weekend (play-dates, helping Church take down their giant tree, brunch... ) we finished up with our second viewing of Starwars at the Baghdad.  Mom felt a little bad about the TJ's babka (though delish) for my birthday so made one herself this weekend too, which came out fantastically!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Wrapping up 2015 and saying hi to 2016

Happy New Year!  We have packed a lot of fun and relaxing into our last week of break. 
 We had a few days left with Grandma and Grandpa, so we filled them with lots of play time and mostly hanging out at their house.
 Lots of snuggling with Abby and Gail whenever they would let us.
 and Uncle Ry brought his slack line (reminding us to find a good place in the yard to set up some poles).  We did pretty well this time.
 Most of us made it at least a half-dozen steps across which is definitely progress

 There was also a lot of tree climbing and quad-copter flying, and football playing  as well.  It was great to get out and run around for a bit.

 Later that afternoon Mom finally got to get together with all of her dear Highschool friends.  I hung out with the grown-ups for a while until sweet Ava woke up and we got to play!
 I was pretty happy to have another friend to play with and we had a great time together.
 I even got some good lego time with Noah.
and of course, Mom was always so happy to spend time with her (ever growing!!) group of friends, and we look forward to welcoming a few more next year!

 We at last wrapped up our Fresno trip and headed home to a beautifully tiled new bathroom.  We love it and Neil did a fantastic job.  We are glad to leave our peeling linolium and funky fiberglass insert shower in 2015 and love our sleek new look.
We rang in 2016 with a fantastic party (and no pictures) at Liam's house which was a great time to get together with a lot of our friends!  We followed up with a play-date all afternoon yesterday with J. E. and Val.  while the folks took down the Christmas decorations.  

and today, today was a pleasant surprise... we woke up to SNOW!  

 Owen and I have never gotten dressed so fast in the morning and spent most of the day outside.
 We filled it up with snowball fights, moving lots of snow around,
 Making snowmen (it wasn't that heavy so had to do a more modular sort of snowman approach).
 Sledding was rough, we really need to get a proper toboggan one of these days (it's hard to remember when it only snows maybe once a year).  However we worked very hard to go up and down the hill a few times at least!


 To cap it all off we had a few stops in the house for hot coco and cookies, and really the folks pulled us in for a Starwars viewing (A new hope) in lieu of going out and seeing the new star-wars again.  We just couldn't be out of eye-line with the snow all day.
 Other than lunch and the movie, Owen and I managed to spend almost all day outside and loved every moment!  The joy was only capped off when PPS called and cancelled school for tomorrow. YAY.