Sunday, January 10, 2016

Double Digits!

Guess who's ten years old now... this guy!

I had a quiet Wednesday birthday at home this year, but Mom and Dad are having a roller skating party next weekend for my birthday and I've invited my entire class.  I did open a few birthday presents including this cool Lego Obi Wan Kenobi and other Star Wars gifts that I got from my Great Aunts and Great Uncles and their families down in California.

For my birthday cake this year I had a babka.... that counts doesn't it?  They are more of a bread than a cake, but they are like 50% chocolate so I think it still counts.  Dad also made my request of clam chowder AND fish and chips.  Mom thinks it means we should head out to the coast again soon!  It has otherwise been our first "week" back to school.  I use the quotes because Monday AND Tuesday school was cancelled due to all of that snow turning Portland into an ice-rink. We are grateful that the roads were clear enough on Tuesday that both Grace and I got a play-date over at J & E's house, saving us from cabin fever and allowing Dad to complete his conference call in relative peace.
For Mom and Dad this week was a banner week for visitors!  There was a meeting in town so Mom got to have dinner with Cascade, Mom and Dad had lunch with Leo, and this weekend Mom's college friend Robby J was in town for his birthday so they got to enjoy drinks together at Rev. Nat's Ciderhouse

 and then today the whole family enjoyed brunch with the Mochizukis!  We LOVE that so many of our dear friends make it through town every now and again.   After a busy/quiet weekend (play-dates, helping Church take down their giant tree, brunch... ) we finished up with our second viewing of Starwars at the Baghdad.  Mom felt a little bad about the TJ's babka (though delish) for my birthday so made one herself this weekend too, which came out fantastically!


Matthew Bracken said...

Happy Birthday! We remember this celebration a decade ago:

Amy said...

I know, can you believe it's a decade!!! That was a pretty sweet birthday party, thanks for the memory!