Sunday, January 17, 2016

Party time!

This week I had my first Kinder winter concert and we did beautifully! 

 Classics performed included: Mister Nickerbocker, little Snowman, Little Red Wagon, This Old Man (Obviously a class favorite) and the Fruit song.  

 The concert wrapped up our only full week of classes in January, and although all of the holidays and snow days are super fun, it as nice to have a pretty predictable week under our belts.  This weekend, we partied like crazy! I joined Mom and Dad at the Warrior room for a little warrior workout Saturday morning (and did amazing), then after a quick turn-around at home, we headed back for Henry's birthday celebration!
 complete with an, as always, impressive starkiller base cake (complete with an explosive pop-rock core inside!).  This time we even got Owen to join in for a few parts of the work-out.

 there were also some fun games
 and Owen showed everyone how to climb up the poles in the studio, and I loved it most of all and probably went up 20 times, even after I was obviously tired.
 Happy Happy Birthday Henry!
 This evening we finally had Owen's birthday party and celebrated at the Mt Scott roller rink.  It was so cool, we got the whole rink to ourselves!
He was able to invite all of his classmates and most of them were able to join us as well as a lot of the rest of our friends as well!
 I am so much better than before and made it through most of the evening with minimal clinging, but still a lot of tumbles.

 We had some beginners and some honest to goodness derby girls showing us their moves.  Everyone did super well and it was fun to be able to celebrate with everyone!

 Happy birthday to a funny, sweet, helpful, growing brother.  O is feeling a bit of a cold coming on so got to spend a bit of time just hanging out in the party room chatting with is friends, I skated as much as possible until I was a sweaty, bruised (but happy) puddle.

 We are so grateful or all of our friends who were able to join us to for the celebration, and skating, we are still having a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that Owen is now a whole decade old!

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