Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slumber (well... not yet anyhow)

We had another musical performance, this time my grades got up and we sang "when I"m 64" and the class did a fantastic job.  

This weekend we have had lots of playtime with our pals!  Dad watched all four of us on Saturday so Mom and Val could go to the chocolate fest.  They had a lovely afternoon hanging out together and stuffing themselves silly with chocolate.  We had a great afternoon playing andthen roping Dad into a lengthy Settlers of Catan game.
Grace has been embracing her dress-up, in part as a byproduct of cleaning up her room and finding all of the necklaces!

Mom even tried to give her some fancy hairdos a la starwars/princess/fun!
Tonight, after a pretty quiet day of Dad leading his last congregational meeting as president (woo hoo Dad you did a great job the past 4 years!  We are proud of you (and ready for you to be done!)).  We had a nice dinner out with the Val and the gang, and were even reasonably well behaved at the restaurant.  I get to stay with Joaquin tonight and Esme  is at home having bubble baths 
and watching Snow White.  J and I also get a movie and a play-date.  We're lucky enough to have (another) Monday off for teacher planning, so we get a super long weekend (just like our east coasters!  Stay warm and make epic snowmen east coast family and friends!), which at least G. and E. will need tomorrow... they spend a lot of time TALKING about how hard it is to get to sleep.  

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