Sunday, January 31, 2016

the colds continue

We started this week with another glorious day off from school!  Yay for teacher planning day!  E. and I got a sleep over at my house and O hung out with Joaquin.  We got to get up in the morning and go to Bob's red-mill for some pancakes and get some shopping with Mom done! 
 Later that afternoon we got to hang out at work so Mom could catch up with her lab prep.  Dad took us out to the park and all over for much of the afternoon before Wushu.

This is one of my biggest toothless smiles!  I have one more loose one too! 
 This weekend wasn't terribly exciting since Mom and Dad both have been laid up since Friday.  They are trying to schedule the times that each is allowed to be sick, so it has been a quiet weekend for us as well... we actually did really well, played nicely with eachother, enjoyed our time at home.  However by Sunday, Mom was determined to get out of the house, so we went to see the rosepetals in a kids roller derby bout!
 One of Owen's classmates, Dragon Slayer is on the blue team, we heard Alice was going with her gs group, so we went to cheer them on and see what the event is all about!  We lucked into a woman giving away two tickets on the way in too!  It was obviously meant to be.  Owen and I, though lothe to leave the house paid close attention and the game was super close scoring!
 In the end our team lost by one point in the last min!  It was a pretty amazing game!
I think since Mom and Dad doubled up on the cold this weekend, that means it has slowly moved through the whole family now,

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