Sunday, January 03, 2016

Wrapping up 2015 and saying hi to 2016

Happy New Year!  We have packed a lot of fun and relaxing into our last week of break. 
 We had a few days left with Grandma and Grandpa, so we filled them with lots of play time and mostly hanging out at their house.
 Lots of snuggling with Abby and Gail whenever they would let us.
 and Uncle Ry brought his slack line (reminding us to find a good place in the yard to set up some poles).  We did pretty well this time.
 Most of us made it at least a half-dozen steps across which is definitely progress

 There was also a lot of tree climbing and quad-copter flying, and football playing  as well.  It was great to get out and run around for a bit.

 Later that afternoon Mom finally got to get together with all of her dear Highschool friends.  I hung out with the grown-ups for a while until sweet Ava woke up and we got to play!
 I was pretty happy to have another friend to play with and we had a great time together.
 I even got some good lego time with Noah.
and of course, Mom was always so happy to spend time with her (ever growing!!) group of friends, and we look forward to welcoming a few more next year!

 We at last wrapped up our Fresno trip and headed home to a beautifully tiled new bathroom.  We love it and Neil did a fantastic job.  We are glad to leave our peeling linolium and funky fiberglass insert shower in 2015 and love our sleek new look.
We rang in 2016 with a fantastic party (and no pictures) at Liam's house which was a great time to get together with a lot of our friends!  We followed up with a play-date all afternoon yesterday with J. E. and Val.  while the folks took down the Christmas decorations.  

and today, today was a pleasant surprise... we woke up to SNOW!  

 Owen and I have never gotten dressed so fast in the morning and spent most of the day outside.
 We filled it up with snowball fights, moving lots of snow around,
 Making snowmen (it wasn't that heavy so had to do a more modular sort of snowman approach).
 Sledding was rough, we really need to get a proper toboggan one of these days (it's hard to remember when it only snows maybe once a year).  However we worked very hard to go up and down the hill a few times at least!


 To cap it all off we had a few stops in the house for hot coco and cookies, and really the folks pulled us in for a Starwars viewing (A new hope) in lieu of going out and seeing the new star-wars again.  We just couldn't be out of eye-line with the snow all day.
 Other than lunch and the movie, Owen and I managed to spend almost all day outside and loved every moment!  The joy was only capped off when PPS called and cancelled school for tomorrow. YAY.

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