Sunday, February 14, 2016

A red letter week!

Gung Hay Fat Choi!  Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Presidents' Day!  I am pretty excited about the rapid succession of things to celebrate!  
To usher in the year of the monkey, we headed over to the celebrations at the Chinese Garden.  They had a bunch of new decorations in the ponds, and of course festivities throughout the garden.
Owen got to try his hand at drumming a few beats, he did great but it was hard to get in sync with all of the drummers.  
There was a fun lion dance, and of course many beautiful places to just hang out.
This week Dad started a sourdough culture and made some pretty yummy bread!  We pretty much eat it as soon as it comes out of the oven, he'll have to slow down or we'll all roll our way out.  It makes for great pizza and waffles as well.  
We woke up this morning for a few fun Valentines' day treats!
Mom made Owen his first bathrobe, which is pretty exciting! 
I got a beautiful new broom, one that I saw at the homested store and fell in love with.  The folks aren't sure if it's just because I have an uncommon affection for brooms or love the witchy way to ride on them around the house, but this makes me so happy!  Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom sent Owen some sweet socks and me a bunch of cute disney critters who played really well with Owen's army guys, we played all morning. 
After a relaxing morning of pancakes we headed out to Cannon Beach.  We started with lunch at Mo's (and Mom and Owen enjoying their oyster shooters).  
We headed out to the very wet, but not all that cold of the beach.  Owen and I pretty much set right to digging holes while Mom took Scooter for a walk over to Haystack rock.  
Even though it was drizzly, we had a blast.  
Made castles, got properly wet and sandy (Until I realized my favorite pink leggings were dirty, that was sad).  
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend full of love, luck and celebrations!

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