Sunday, February 07, 2016

The wurst

Ahhhh, everyone is up and about again, the sun is shining so we got OUT!  We headed down to Mt. Angel for the Wurst fest and enjoyed some tasty brats.

got to watch some fun music and dancing (Mom even got wrangled in for a dance!) and most exciting for me
I got a new hat!  Dad helped me buy it, though I spent a fair bit of my own money and really love it!  Mt. Angel also has this awesome glockenspeil that tells the story of the town, we waited a while for it, but it was pretty cool!
Now I realize that its superbowl sunday, but we just aren't big football fans, so we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather, and the promise of low crowds to head over to the Zoo while Mom graded and did a yoga class. 
 We finally saw the elephants exploring their new enclosure, and although we didn't quite see Samudra go for a swim, it was close!

 I was a great afternoon out, and although I was loathe to really leave the house, I had a good time once I got out!

 Plus it would be a waste to spend today inside after being cooped up the past few weeks.

 Happy February friends!  and Happy New Year!  We are pretty excited to celebrate New Year and Valentines day this week, it will be a red and sugar fueled week to be sure!

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