Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wushu test time!

This weekend we hung around locally a bit.  Owen had a pretty exciting week.  He was selected to to regionals for Chess next month, and he tested for his next belt (from red to red-white). 
 He has been working hard on his Southern Fist form,  The past few months he has been in an advanced class, in part because of our schedule, but he learned a very long form that is actually used in competitions,
 We are so proud of him, in part because he struggled with this form and working in a class with brown and black belts was very hard, but he did really well on his test.

 So now he moves from red to a red-white belt.

 In other news this weekend, we spent a wonderful (unphotographed) evening with our friends Ray, Val, Joaquin and Esme.  We got to play, and everyone enjoyed some great pizza by Ray!  Thank you guys for a lovely play-date!  We have missed you the past few weeks!
 Dad also got in on the sourdough game and made some wonderful English Muffins (and a really yummy Benedict with smoked salmon and spinach!)
 We're lucky he made a big batch because I ate at least four today alone (I prefer them plain).

 Dad and Owen went out fishing today, so Mom and I spent the day with some minor yard work, arts and crafts, a bit of fun with the chemistry set and sewing.
 The guys didn't catch anything, and spent a lot of time sitting in the rain, but I think they were just happy to get out.
This evening we wrapped won-tons, and stocked up for our favorite quick dinner meal.  We are grateful for a healthy and fairly relaxed weekend and really proud of Owen!

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Tom said...

Way to GO Owen!!! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to seeing the new moves.
Grandma Terri