Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birthday celebrations and Easter!

It has been another wonderfully busy week.  After returning to Grandma and Grandpa's house after Disneyland, we had a few quieter days where we got to dine with Auntie Donna and Uncle John, and visit with Becky, Ava, Noah and Susan.  We loved being able to have a few days just around the house where we could have snail races and dye eggs too!

 Friday was Grandpa Tom's birthday, as well as a big family dinner.
 Right before we left for dinner we sang to him and then... surprised him with some (Grandma supplied) silly string!

 We may have looked a bit suspicious but I think he was really surprised!
 In addition to Grandpa Tom's birthday, it is cousin Sam's birthday, we also always remember Uncle Dudley and then we also were getting all together to celebrate Great Grandma Mary's birthday.  She is turning 90!!!  To help get ready, I painted her nails and we had a nice "small" dinner with just the family.

 Nearly the entire family was able to get together to celebrate

 as well as dear friends, many of whom we haven't seen for years (or decades)

 There was a wonderful Lion dance, where Kaylee, Clark, Owen and I all got to feed the lions lettuce and li-cee!

 I am actually usually really scared of lion dances but when Mom told me how proud she was that I was able to stand up there for the dance and actually feed the lions, I told her that I was still nervous but that I didn't want to hurt the lion's feelings. Plus I think I got the most acrobatic dancer, so that was cool!

 Owen and Clark had a good time running wild for the entire afternoon/evening

 We got to visit my Uncle's amazing collection at his house.
 Uncle Jason got us all riled up!
 Kye worked with us destructor Jenga games
 Owen and Clark proceeded to get properly sweaty playing soccer at Great-Grandma's house

 with a grande finale for the whole busy day ... a sit-up contest.
We actually had to spend Easter driving back home, but the easter bunny did find us both at Grandma and Grandpa's house... at 5:30 in the morning no less before we left , which was a perfect send-off, and again when we finally got home at almost 8pm... the easter bunny had snuck into the house and hid a bunch of cascarones (our favorites!!!) and put out an easter basket... I declared it THE BEST EASTER EVER!!! where in spite of the quiet and very long car ride, we got to celebrate twice!