Wednesday, March 23, 2016


So guess where we went for the first part of Spring Break!!!  Yep, Grandma and Grandpa took us all to Disneyland!  We have had a wonderful visit, and had a blast.

We got to kick things off with a dip in the hotel pool and enjoying a hotel room.  Really a beautifully made hotel bed makes me so happy, almost as happy as Disneyland itself.

The first evening, after we dried off, met up with Uncle Ryan, we walked around downtown Disney, and enjoyed a fun evening at Goofy's cafe.  They even remembered Grandpa's birthday!

We started our our trip in California Adventures and got to ride the new Cars ride in radiator springs, it looked great and the ride was super fun.  I thought it was a bit fast for my first ride ... ever but eventually got into the swing of things.  

The weather was perfect.  The mornings were great and we would get lots of rides in before the lines got long.  By the time the lines were long (a bit after lunch) we were tired enough to be satisfied to wait in a long line!  Owen went on a load of roller coasters, and even got Grandma Terri to ride California Screaming (his most proud moment).  It was his first big roller coaster too and he had a blast.  I really loved wearing my ears and lanyards, and eventually warmed up to the characters too!  This time around (the opposite of a few years ago), I loved all the fuzzy characters but not the princesses this time.

Grandpa Tom's favorite "ride" is the corndog cart.  He's totally right they are excellent corndogs!

My most favorite ride was Ariel's merry-go-round.  The beautiful animals were the best!

The family did manage to get me on ONE big roller coaster, it was a bit fast for me.... NOT my favorite.

Owen got to build a cool new remote control car!  Thank you Grandpa!

On the way home... brunch at din tai fung

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