Sunday, March 13, 2016

I get 1st Place at Regional Chess Tourmament with my Team!!!

That's me holding first place trophy that our school won!!! 
 Grace wrote "this is a ferocious beast" and drew a monster!!!
 My dad and my sister made some tasty sausages I had a few!!! 
"Check mate"

 Me playing one of the five fifth graders.

 I won three out of five matches of chess V.S. fifth graders.

 When we finished it was photo time with all our trophies.

 We celebrated by going out and getting frozen I put chocolate mixed with vanilla and two other flavors then I put gummy bears M&Ms, peanut butter cups and chocolate chips and Oreo bits and last I added melted marshmallow  and chocolate syrup.
 Last we had tacos with our friend Joaquin .
They where great!!!

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