Sunday, April 03, 2016

Party Time!

 We have had a beautiful beautiful springtime week. We started off with an afterschool egging of our cascarones
Everyone got covered with confetti and egg shells and our yard now bears a colorful coat of confetti and colored egg shells.

 To keep with the (messy hair) theme, on Saturday, Dad took the car to go fishing so we all walked down to the bagel shop together.  On the way home, Grace and I picked every dandelion that we encountered, and after dandelion battles, Grace realized she had dressed like one and thought she had better get as much of the clock in her hair as she could to complete the ensemble.

 after Dad got home we had a fantastic day enjoying the sunshine and playing in the Garden.  Grace and Esme got together and Mom and Val had a girls night at their house while Dad and I got to watch a movie together.  Today we had two birthday parties!
 Joaquin turned 9 last week and we were happy to celebrate with his favorite, some may say obsession... Soccer!

 We all got to play a few games on the field before enjoying snacks, cake and presents up stairs.
 Happy Birthday to a wonderful and dear friend!
 After Joaquin's party, we had to pick up Dad and Grace at her friend Roxanne's birthday.  They (also) rented out the skating rink at Mt Scott and generously let me crash the last half of the party.

 Skating was a bit harder than I remembered but I eventually got my confidence back up.

What an awesome day!  I'm still a bit wired and having a hard time settling down to sleep, but Mom is pretty sure that once I do I will crash hard!  

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