Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Snowballs

One of my favorite plants in our backyard, the snowball bush, is in full bloom this week.

Of course, that means Owen and I get to have springtime snowball fights and other crazy fun.

We have to enjoy it while it lasts, because usually a few days later it will get rainy and windy and all the snowballs will be gone.

On Saturday morning Dad suddenly wanted to go fishing, and not from his kayak.   We tried a new lake  that wasn't too far away.   While we did see a few people catch some trout, we didn't have any such luck.

We did get visited by a bunch of ducks looking for a free meal, but we didn't have anything to give them.

Owen got up early this morning and made us crêpes all by himself.  He did a great job and even doubled the recipe so that we could all have as many as we wanted.

Later this afternoon, Owen's friend Aiden stopped by.  They're working on a science fair project together and needed to get started.  I'm not really sure what their experiment is yet, but it involves seeds and different types of soil.

Mom has been working on this new quilt for some lucky little baby out there that I haven't met yet.  I hope they like it.

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