Sunday, April 10, 2016


 We hung around the homstead a lot this weekend.  Saturday was beautiful, and after cleaning the yard up, and tackling a few projects,... and after feeding the chickens in my favorite sparkly dress.. Owen and I had a water fight in the warm sunshine.
 After all of our chores and an afternoon of playing we headed up to the Academy Theatre to see Kung-Fu Pand 3! It was so funny and fun to watch, plus a the academy you can nosh on tater tots as well as popcorn (and adult beverages for the adults of course)... so everyone had a fun evening.
Today we harvested our first to asparagus, they were actually big enough that we all got a good taste of the freshest asparagus ever!  The Rhubarb didn't come up this year, so these were our first edible from the garden.  Otherwise, we mostly had an afternoon of playdates.  Owen and Aiden planned their science project while Aubrey and I rode bikes and made mudpies.  I like how spring is shaping up!

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