Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mother's in our lives.  We had a lovely weekend.  Saturday we got out of the house early and hit the Woodstock Plant sale, a big favorite of Mom's.  We came home with a full trunk of plants and Dad and Owen got them all planted while Mom took me to our dress rehearsal for Rapunzel, coming in a few weeks. 

 It was great because she has not been able to go to my classes so this was a fun surprise to be able to watch.  We are bluebirds from the forest.
 I LOVE our long tutus and sparkley leotards.

 Later in the afternoon, we went over to Esme and Joaquin's house to meet Leon, their new pup!
 He loved chasing Owen around and we all managed to get him riled up several times
 before he crashed out with some much needed puppy rest.
 Esme and I did all of the different ballets we could think of while Leon snoozed.
 Today is Mother's day!  I made mom a beautiful berry card that said "i love you berry much" on the inside... get it... Berry!!  We also planted the flowers that I gave her.  Owen made her LOTS of cards, all wonderful and one with a sweet enough poem to make her cry a bit.
He also got her a candle he made on his Oregon Trail field trip and a beautiful mug made by Aiden's Dad.  Our dad got her a new Yoga mat and made all sorts of amazing food all day long!  We kicked it off with homemade sourdough english muffins topped with a smoked salmon and asparagus eggs benedict (favorite!!),   Dinner was yummy homemade pizzas with artichoke, asparagus and sausage.  SO yummy!  We got a lot of the back yard sort of in order and the front yard now shows some serious promise.  Mom got to go to Yoga in the afternoon, and we wrapped up the day with some family games of Catan and Slamwich.  Just wonderful!  
Again, we wish you all a wonderful mother's day.  Most especially Grandma Terri, Grandma Steves and Great-Grandma Mary.  You amazing women are such an inspiration and fill our hearts every day.  We love you so much!

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