Sunday, May 29, 2016

must be almost summer!

There is a lot of excitement as school approaches the end of the year!  I remain super excited that I have finally learned how to skip two on the monkey bars, and can't wait for first grade!
Owen has his science fair this week where he and A presented their project... to determine which types of soils grew the best plants.

They did a great job, worked really well together and had some pretty fantastic illustrations!
Mad Science was also there and in addition to getting to play with dry ice and all sorts of fun things, Owen got to participate in a demo on the power of air pressure!

 The guys enjoyed a (non-science) play date also when we finally got to the weekend.  We are so happy to have a nice long weekend, and are grateful to those who have given their lives to protect ours.
 Owen was a bit disappointed in the waffles Mom and Dad made (though they were actually yummy!) on Saturday, so he woke early on Sunday to make everyone puff-pancakes for breakfast!  They were also actually so yummy!  What a treat!
 After the pancakes we headed out to Kruger farm and picked a nice full flat of strawberries!

 Everyone was gung-ho for the first flat, but sort of pooped out after that so we bought another one and called it a morning.

 Plus we had to get home in time to relax a bit before the play-date with Esme!  E and I played at home and made a big fort in the living room, scooted all around the block while O and J (and the Moms) went to the Lumberyard.

 They biked for two hours until they were sweaty beasts.  Finally, they were lured away from the track fairly exhausted, with a snow-cone treat.
 which seemed to renew their energy a bit.
All in all a great weekend so far!  

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