Sunday, May 01, 2016

Owen's Awesome Blog!

 This weekend I had a great time at art night were are art Teacher Mrs. Emily and other Teachers show are art they helped us make. In the pictures above I am making a 2016 year of the monkey print. The print used  a carved  piece of blubber J.K. it was linoleum.
 My Sister got a butterfly tattoo. It was covered in sparkles.
 I drew some awesome super heroes and villains. I spent over half the time drawing a Super Hero  with lots of smiles he was super buff!!!

my sister drew super heroes to.
 Then we looked at art.
My sister drew some cool frogs.
  and a caterpillar 
 and flowers on land
  and flowers in water.
I drew a awesome sunset on the water. 

 We all made marshmallow sculptures!!!
 I loved the smoothies at bobs the were amazing!!! 
                                                My sister made pancakes with dad.

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