Sunday, May 15, 2016

Party time!

Happy Weekend!  Although we had a week of sunshine and bike rides, the rain came back in time for the weekend.  We had a big field trip to the Oregon Trail Museum which was awesome, and I now, in addition to becoming very good at the game Oregon Trail, have all sorts of interesting tidbits like how sometimes they would have to drink pee and how much bacon should be packed for a family of 4.  Grace's class got their field trip to the zoo.  Dad got to go too so she has lots of pictures.  
 They had a great and sunny day
 and saw all of the animals...

 it was a big day at he zoo!
 She even got to see the baby elephants swimming in their new pool.

 Today we had back-to-back-to-back fun.  Grace got a play-date with Esme,

 while I went to Benjamin's birthday party!  We had a blast playing with ALL the legos.
 We went straight from there to Andy's roller skating birthday party!
 Pshew!  We skated for over two hours until we were sweaty pools.

 Grace had a blast with Ellie and they were good buds all afternoon.
 Plus it was awesome to celebrate with Andy turning 8!

So... Happy Birthday to our dear friends, and a wonderful end of May to everyone!

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