Sunday, June 26, 2016

So lucky to have Grandma here!

So this week, Dad had a work trip and so Grandma Terri has been so generous to come out and help us all get to camps and eat well this week!  It's been busy but lots of fun.  We continued to have camp so Grace has been in clay-camp this week and I got to do bike camp!  It was awesome!  We biked all over town and I only got in one wreck (luckily no injuries, bent my bike a bit though).  I really enjoyed it and Grace loved renewing friendships on her old stomping ground for a bit.  
This weekend, we got some down time all together.  Really, we came home everyday exhausted during the week so it was nice to just hang out for the day.  We drove out to Cannon Beach and had a really lovely day at the beach.  It was a bit windy, but the sun was out (and we got to leave our heavy winter jackets in the car!).  We dug all sorts of holes, I made Grace into a mermaid with a sand-tail and just had a really lovely afternoon. 
The beautiful day was wrapped up with a great dinner at Wei Wei, it was just right!
Today we hit the Portland Flea market, and I bought an old toy that I am very happy with.

It's sort of a basketball type game where you launch a ball through a hole... I am completely fascinated with it!  I"m hoping that Grandpa Steves can tell me how old it is!
  A watermelon really made the afternoon just right and then we finished up with the movie Finding Dory.
It's nice that the sun is finally out and fun to enjoy time outside.  If anyone in the area is missing a chicken let us know!  The neighbors found one and she's hanging out with ours (and getting a bit bullied... ) for now.

Happy Summer and a huge Thank you to Grandma for taking such good care of us... we love hanging out with you and appreciate our very clean drawers and closets... it is very nice to be able to see all of our clothes!  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shorn or Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
We were so lucky to have a great day with Dad!  It's been a fun first week of summer. Both Owen and I were signed up with trackers with our dear friends J and E.  It was great to start camps off with good friends around us.... I was in the magic camp and Owen did the secret agent camp.  We both came home exhausted (and often covered in camo... ashes all over our bodies!).  In spite of being really tired, 
 We have managed a serious water balloon fight after camp... not only in spite of our tiredness, but also the 60deg. days with lots of rain and even hail... and water balloons!

Everyone but Mom got their hair cut this weekend too!  I was particularly anxious to get it cut of to my chin again so I went to Rudy's and the hair cutter did a great job!  I love having less tangles and how light it feels on my head!  Dad and Owen got on the bandwagon too, and that night they also shaved off their (relatively) long hair too!
TOday we celebrate our fantastic Daddy who takes such amazing care of us... even cooking his own dinner on Father's day when he realized that maybe Mom had ambitious plans for the day and was getting behind.  We started the day off with some super fluffy japanese pancakes that Mom and Owen were trying out this weekend, they are so yummy! Oh Grandma Terri... Dad sends his thanks to you for planting this idea for how to celebrate special days in our head... yep.  Silly String!

We got Dad a new tackle box and a new bread knife, so he as pretty pleased.  We even decorated the tackle box with fishes, well wishes and just a hint of glitter.  After getting a few things done around the house, we headed out to pick blackberries!  
 The siskyous were in full force and really huge, so picking went pretty quickly.  The weather was perfect
 I even took some relaxing time while everyone else was topping off their buckets.  All in all a great summer week!  Happy Father's day to not only Daddy but also Grandpa Tom and Grandpa Steves... and all of the other fantastic father's out there!  We have so many wonderful men in our lives, and feel lucky to have so many great examples of what it really means to be a Dad and a great human being.  Thank you!
The tragic shooting in Orlando had us talking this week about kindness and how beautiful and interesting all people are, and how we can support our friends and community no matter who people love, or how they express themselves.  Our hearts go out to the families impacted and to the LGBTQ community that has been so hurt by this, we will do our best to help you feel safe again.  My solution was pretty simple, maybe that guy should have thought that it doesn't matter who likes who and take a few deep breaths ... maybe three.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

School is out for summer.  We had our last day of school on Thursday and now I'm officially a 1st Grader and Owen is a big 5th Grader.

Friday was our first day of summer vacation and we sure packed a lot of activities into that day.  First we stopped at the blue berry farm to pick about 30 lbs of berries.   We'll eat some now, but most are going to end up in the freezer so we can have a bit of Oregon sunshine during the winter.

Later that afternoon, I went to mu good friend Katie's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's.   It was my first time going to a birthday party there and at first I thought I'd be afraid of the giant mouse, but he wasn't so bad.

I got to play a lot of fun games with a bunch of kids from my class.  I hope we get to play together some more during summer break.

Our garden is starting to provide us with fresh fruit and veggies.   The red raspberries and peas are really doing well right now.

On Saturday morning, while Owen and I were picking berries in the back yard, Owen found this dragonfly.  It seemed a little sluggish, probably because it was still a bit cold outside.  After a few pictures we set it in a sun beam to warm up and fly away.

On Sunday, I had a play date with my friend Greta from ballet.  Turns out she lives really close to our friend's Esme and Joaquin's house.  She also lives very close to the lab party that we had to go to on Sunday evening, so after my play date, Mom picked my up and we went to the party.  The party was to celebrate all of the accomplishments in the deRivera lab this year,  papers, promotions, and even two graduate students finishing up their masters degrees.

I got to hang out with baby Harrison.   He's pretty cute and didn't fuss at all during the party.

Owen and I mostly played with our friend Benjamin and spent a lot of time to laying on Benjamin's hammock in the back yard.

Three days of summer vacation down and many more ahead.   Can't wait to see what we do next.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

The final countdown!

That's my beautiful 6th place fish right there... at the Bonneville Bass Bonanza!

 We have been taking very good care of Fluffy Sparkle and make sure he stays active with all sorts of exercise and home made mazes.
 For Memorial Day, Dad got the Ribs going and we had a nice cookout with our friends.  We had a nice crew out, played some kub,
 ate some ribs!  All in all had a fantastic afternoon hanging out with a great crowd of friends.
 This is how Owen and I are often found in the garden... under the pea trellis.
 It is really insufficient given the amount of attention that it attracts.
 at least the peas are yummy!  Since school is almost almost over, Oh my it is  hard to believe, but we had our first ever school carnival.  IT was a blast, with lots of bounce houses,
 a dunk tank where I got to dunk Mr Aase, my third grade teacher!  He is retiring this year, so Grace won't get to enjoy having him as her teacher (and he doesn't have long to get me back for the dunking!).
 ... also snow-cones, since it has reached over 100 a few days this week these were particularly appreciated.

Which brings us back to Saturday, Dad and I went to the Bonneville Bass Bonanza and Dad brought home first place with this nice 20" small mouth bass
it earned him a very nice cooler as a prize and a big ol' smile on his face for bringing in some big fish!

My winner was 16 3/4" which put me in 8th place .. and I got a new life jacket!  Plus bragging rights for scoring so well against some pretty stiff... adult... competition.

it was really hot out there though.  We are grateful that they got the train fire out before we arrived, so it wasn't smokey, but it was boiling out, so I spent some of the afternoon wading around hunting for crayfish to cool off.

While we were fishing, Mom, Grace and Scooter walked over to Henry Higgins for a bagel and made it home before the big heat hit... Mom finished working on her quilt, and Grace had a nice day drawing and chilling out inside as much as mom could convince her (there were several outings on the scooter as well).
 TOday the folks finally got the sprinkler out.  It was so nice to cool off in the cold hose.  Grace was much braver than I was today.