Sunday, June 12, 2016

School is out for summer.  We had our last day of school on Thursday and now I'm officially a 1st Grader and Owen is a big 5th Grader.

Friday was our first day of summer vacation and we sure packed a lot of activities into that day.  First we stopped at the blue berry farm to pick about 30 lbs of berries.   We'll eat some now, but most are going to end up in the freezer so we can have a bit of Oregon sunshine during the winter.

Later that afternoon, I went to mu good friend Katie's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's.   It was my first time going to a birthday party there and at first I thought I'd be afraid of the giant mouse, but he wasn't so bad.

I got to play a lot of fun games with a bunch of kids from my class.  I hope we get to play together some more during summer break.

Our garden is starting to provide us with fresh fruit and veggies.   The red raspberries and peas are really doing well right now.

On Saturday morning, while Owen and I were picking berries in the back yard, Owen found this dragonfly.  It seemed a little sluggish, probably because it was still a bit cold outside.  After a few pictures we set it in a sun beam to warm up and fly away.

On Sunday, I had a play date with my friend Greta from ballet.  Turns out she lives really close to our friend's Esme and Joaquin's house.  She also lives very close to the lab party that we had to go to on Sunday evening, so after my play date, Mom picked my up and we went to the party.  The party was to celebrate all of the accomplishments in the deRivera lab this year,  papers, promotions, and even two graduate students finishing up their masters degrees.

I got to hang out with baby Harrison.   He's pretty cute and didn't fuss at all during the party.

Owen and I mostly played with our friend Benjamin and spent a lot of time to laying on Benjamin's hammock in the back yard.

Three days of summer vacation down and many more ahead.   Can't wait to see what we do next.

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