Sunday, June 26, 2016

So lucky to have Grandma here!

So this week, Dad had a work trip and so Grandma Terri has been so generous to come out and help us all get to camps and eat well this week!  It's been busy but lots of fun.  We continued to have camp so Grace has been in clay-camp this week and I got to do bike camp!  It was awesome!  We biked all over town and I only got in one wreck (luckily no injuries, bent my bike a bit though).  I really enjoyed it and Grace loved renewing friendships on her old stomping ground for a bit.  
This weekend, we got some down time all together.  Really, we came home everyday exhausted during the week so it was nice to just hang out for the day.  We drove out to Cannon Beach and had a really lovely day at the beach.  It was a bit windy, but the sun was out (and we got to leave our heavy winter jackets in the car!).  We dug all sorts of holes, I made Grace into a mermaid with a sand-tail and just had a really lovely afternoon. 
The beautiful day was wrapped up with a great dinner at Wei Wei, it was just right!
Today we hit the Portland Flea market, and I bought an old toy that I am very happy with.

It's sort of a basketball type game where you launch a ball through a hole... I am completely fascinated with it!  I"m hoping that Grandpa Steves can tell me how old it is!
  A watermelon really made the afternoon just right and then we finished up with the movie Finding Dory.
It's nice that the sun is finally out and fun to enjoy time outside.  If anyone in the area is missing a chicken let us know!  The neighbors found one and she's hanging out with ours (and getting a bit bullied... ) for now.

Happy Summer and a huge Thank you to Grandma for taking such good care of us... we love hanging out with you and appreciate our very clean drawers and closets... it is very nice to be able to see all of our clothes!  

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