Sunday, June 05, 2016

The final countdown!

That's my beautiful 6th place fish right there... at the Bonneville Bass Bonanza!

 We have been taking very good care of Fluffy Sparkle and make sure he stays active with all sorts of exercise and home made mazes.
 For Memorial Day, Dad got the Ribs going and we had a nice cookout with our friends.  We had a nice crew out, played some kub,
 ate some ribs!  All in all had a fantastic afternoon hanging out with a great crowd of friends.
 This is how Owen and I are often found in the garden... under the pea trellis.
 It is really insufficient given the amount of attention that it attracts.
 at least the peas are yummy!  Since school is almost almost over, Oh my it is  hard to believe, but we had our first ever school carnival.  IT was a blast, with lots of bounce houses,
 a dunk tank where I got to dunk Mr Aase, my third grade teacher!  He is retiring this year, so Grace won't get to enjoy having him as her teacher (and he doesn't have long to get me back for the dunking!).
 ... also snow-cones, since it has reached over 100 a few days this week these were particularly appreciated.

Which brings us back to Saturday, Dad and I went to the Bonneville Bass Bonanza and Dad brought home first place with this nice 20" small mouth bass
it earned him a very nice cooler as a prize and a big ol' smile on his face for bringing in some big fish!

My winner was 16 3/4" which put me in 8th place .. and I got a new life jacket!  Plus bragging rights for scoring so well against some pretty stiff... adult... competition.

it was really hot out there though.  We are grateful that they got the train fire out before we arrived, so it wasn't smokey, but it was boiling out, so I spent some of the afternoon wading around hunting for crayfish to cool off.

While we were fishing, Mom, Grace and Scooter walked over to Henry Higgins for a bagel and made it home before the big heat hit... Mom finished working on her quilt, and Grace had a nice day drawing and chilling out inside as much as mom could convince her (there were several outings on the scooter as well).
 TOday the folks finally got the sprinkler out.  It was so nice to cool off in the cold hose.  Grace was much braver than I was today.

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