Sunday, July 03, 2016

Benches and Boxes

We got a new picnic table which is made from two benches.  One minute it's a table the next it's two benches.

 We've had a few dinners out on the new table outside.  But the best part was that the new benches came in two very large cardboard boxes.   Owen and I each made robot costumes out of the boxes.

My robot costume comes with a lot of options including saw blade adapter and a banana song mode.

On Saturday Owen and I went kayaking with Dad while Mom stayed home and made a batch of soap. Dad managed to catch a bass, but mostly we just enjoyed the nice weather and paddled out to a gravel bar in the river and skipped stones for awhile.

This morning Owen and I got some new squirt guns.  Not little squirt guns, but rather large double-barreled, if you get hit once you are soaked, squirt guns.   Dad was too afraid to go outside and take photos of us while we were having our water war so I don't have any photos to share of them.

Tonight we made sushi rolls again.   I've only done it a few times now, but I think I'm getting pretty good at it.

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