Sunday, July 24, 2016


So, I totally rocked my swim lessons again this year... I definitely LOVE Jan Thomas!
 Before Mom left to come back to Fresno and hang out with us for a bit, she got to visit with the cousins who were in Portland (While we weren't there, we were totally bummed to miss them).  Clark had a soccer tournament, that they WON!  Mom and Scooter got to see them tie their first game of the weekend and he went on to take the rest of the tournament!  Go Clark and team!
I think it's 'cause we honed his competitive skills with a game of spike-ball that evening.  They were able to join us for dinner.  Dad made a fantastic albacore loin with grilled veg and Uncle Jason and Auntie Ann brought us an amazing marionberry pie from the pie co... it was huge and excellent!
made even more wonderful by an beautiful evening and beautiful company!
After her birthday, Mom drove down to Fresno to join us for our final week. 
 Last week Owen was in River camp and reunited with friends from last year, he had a good time and was happy to see his friends Alex and Sam again. 

 I got to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma and we figured out the best places to check out in Fresno (and which you can probably pass on).  

THe underground gardens are definitely a highlight, you don't really have to see the discovery center unless you are keen on cactus gardens... which was a pretty cool part of the center. 
 MOstly what I did was swim!

 We swam at Jan Thomas, at the Van's pool and at Auntie Donna and Uncle John's house (thank you for the great dinner and our new favorite beach towels!!)

  Really any time that we could.

 Owen and I worked hard to plan a surprise tuesday birthday celebration for Mom, since we didn't get to celebrate with her in Portland.  Grandma, Grandpa and I painted a wonderful cupcake platter for Mom while Owen was at camp,

 Grandma made her favorite birthday cake,
 We made dinner plans at the new Wassabi restaurant near their house, and the food and drinks were excellent.  We came back and finished up with a nice ound of happy birthday and lots of cake!
 We did great!
 Owen and I also had our final visit to Grandpa's office as patients.  Grandpa is retiring!
 Although initially hard for US to deal, we are now very excited for him to get some time to enjoy his retirement!  Maybe we can get him up to Portland more often!  We LOVED having Grandpa as our dentist, and are excited about all of his new adventures!
 Thank you Grandpa for taking such good care of us!
 This week, both Owen and I were in Zoo camp all week.  We liked it a lot and got to see all sorts of cool critters and learned a lot.  Plus it was nice to be in camp together again.  We only had a few overlapping locations this summer and I really love having him there with me.
 Mom even took a morning and explored the zoo until it got too warm.  She caught an orangutan coming don for a kiss!
 So, once again I totally rocked swim lessons.  My Teacher Annelise was amazing (that may also be her favorite word)!  I really loved going to each lesson and am begging for more!  I did do great, and left with skills in the front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and even butterfly!
 Although we all got to enjoy the new treat place Taipei 101... Mom got to go with Susan for a nice afternoon together... the snowflake with fruit is yummy!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking such wonderful care of us these past two weeks!  We love staying with you and appreciate all of the care, the food, the driving us around the camps, the activities galore... all that you do for us.  Owen is particularly thankful that you would play Pokemon-go with him!

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