Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hello Sunshine!

So we left rainy and cold in July Portland and have headed down to stay with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom for a few weeks!  This means sunshine, fun, family,friends and swimming!
 Mom sort of dropped us off this week and will join us later after her classes are over.  Grace has already gotten better with her handstands and cartwheels.
 Grandpa Tom took me to the go-cart track for a fun race there.  I turned out to be a fairly cautious driver, but picked up some speed after a few practice laps.
 aaand of course we have done a fair bit of swimming already.  Grace has one more year of Jan Thomas, though it was great to see that her confidence in the pool remains high and she does great in the deep end still!  The Vans are so generous to include us in their pool crew and we LOVE getting into the water!
 When we aren't swimming, driving, eating, playing we get to go through the comics that Grandma has been saving for us.  We love them!
 We were also lucky to be able to spend some time with our pals Noah, Ava, Becky and even got to meet the newest Jackson... wee Ezra!
 The Smiths also shared their pool with us and we had so much fun playing with the kids.

 and are so grateful to be able to welcome this little guy into our lives.  He was totally mellow and very sweet.  I think we are going to have a great visit!  Camps and swim lessons start tomorrow.  After Mom left today, We headed out to see Great-Grandma Mary with a stop off at a camper show.  Grace and I loved the campers, they were so cool!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

It was so nice to spend time with y'all!!!!