Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fleeting summer days... Happy Birthday Dad!

So this is it!  Back to school for us tomorrow and we are excited and reluctant at the same time.  We did manage to have a really wonderful summer, filled with visiting family, friends, camping, hiking, playing, waterballoons, books, the works.  

This week I wrangled a few more more play-dates, both with Esme and with Gretta.
 Owen and I harvested a pair of gargantuan zucchini from the garden, Mom is still trying to figure out what to do with it.
 We headed out to Manzanita for one more lazy beach day
 Owen got a cool portable aquarium and we filled it with washed up jellies, ctenophores, worms, amphipods and mysids.
 and had a blast watching them all bob around the aquarium.
 Last week we painted pottery with J and E, and this week Owen and I made some fused glass bugs... we still have to pick them up, but then will show off all of our creations!
 We also got a visit from David, Bob and their pack of pups this weekend and got to enjoy a great lunch together and a visit to he Farmer's market.
 To completely max out Saturday, we also had a big first-grade water fight at the park, followed by a few hours of playing with my classmates.  It was so great to see everyone again, and made me pretty excited to be getting back to school.  Owen went to Aidan's birthday at Oak's bottom which seemed so great that he missed going to the Jade Market with Mom and me in the evening.  We met up with J, E and V had a nice dinner, saw some entertainment and headed home.

 Today is a big day though... It's Dad's birthday!  Although sort of low-key, it really was a pretty great day.  Owen got up early and blew up balloons and made a great banner, We had a yummy breakfast with fresh baked bread and poached eggs, followed by presents and apple cake (Dad's birthday favorite).

 We had a slow morning of party activities in the back-yard, and Dad setting up his new phone, followed up with a walk into Woodstock to have lunch at Double Mountain, the new brewery that we hadn't been to yet... it did not disappoint, the truffle shuffle pizza and beer taster were fantastic (and we have a new favorite... Randall's knife!).  After heading home and Owen getting caught up on pokemon go.... we all relaxed a bit then headed out to see Kubo and the two strings, which was beautiful and great to see together.  Dinner, because dad is such a fun-gi... (ha!) was more mushrooms... a chanterelle ravioli made by Owen, Dad, Me and a bit of help from mom.  Happy Birthday to my most magnificent Dad!!

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